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Property Acquisition & Relocation Services

Public agencies and engineering firms rely on skilled right of way professionals to deliver property rights required by infrastructure projects.  Public projects are heavily regulated by Federal, State, and Local statutes. The Uniform Relocation and Real Estate Acquisition Act, (URA) as amended, is a federal law that establishes minimum standards for federally funded programs and projects that require the acquisition of real property or displace persons from their homes, businesses or farms. Regency offers over 20 years of right of way experience through a broad portfolio of projects that utilize all types of funding sources. Regency contracts with various contractors to provide appraisal services.

Escrow and Land Title Examination

Real estate transactions are primarily conducted through escrow and title companies. Understanding ownership in its various forms is critical to the successful transfer of property rights.  Tools provided by the title company assist right of way technicians to research complex title challenges. Regency will review and ensure quality checks on legal descriptions and plat maps prepared by survey engineers. 

Property Management

Property management services are required when construction activities prompt the need to secure and operate facilities recently acquired the by the project during an interim period.  Property management services may include:  fencing, facility maintenance services (plumbing, HVAC, fire-life-safety systems), collection of rents, management of property utilities.  Regency contracts with environmental specialists responsible for conducting asbestos abatement and Phase I and II environmental analyses.

Right of Way Engineering Risk Analysis

Regency will review engineering design plans and identify all right of way acquisition needs.  They will prepare a risk analysis to be included in the project risk register.  Risk analysis looks at costs, complexity of acquisitions and schedule impacts to the overall project delivery goals.  Regency will coordinate with land surveyors in the preparation of legal descriptions and plat maps.

Utility Coordination

Most infrastructure projects will require the relocation of utilities.  Understanding the status of the property rights of existing utilities is key to the proposal to relocate them. Regency has experience in providing utility coordination support to engineers. 

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